Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blogosphere: A Real and Virtual Community?

Have you ever knocked at a stranger’s home, found the door open and then invited yourself into the living room where two good friends were chatting by the fireplace? Have you then sat in the sofa between the friends and just enjoyed their conversation? Well, I have. That is how I started following Gérard’s blog ‘Contraste et Lumiere’.

In his own words, ‘Contraste et Lumiere’ is about:

“Le contraste c'est la dualité. La lumière c'est ce qui donne la vie aux choses, ou du moins une certaine apparence. L'objectif de ce blog est de réunir des choses très différentes souvent même opposées et de faire le pari que loin de s'annihiler, elles peuvent se combiner, se renforcer les unes et les autres et déboucher sur une plus grande clarté."

Gérard’s interests range from politics, art, literature, jazz, film, to good wine, cuisine, and philosophy. I did not know how much I enjoyed philosophy until I started reading his blog. Here are some examples. The comments his friend, Pergame, leaves him are equally interesting and hilarious. In fact, the other friend, who was chatting with him by the fireplace when I dropped in, is Pergame. His daughter Lili, who is a newcomer to the blogosphere, also passes by from time to time.

Before starting to blog, I have lurked in different blogs and even left some comments. What I did not expect is the blogosphere to be like a real community. To my surprise, I found the blogger community really real in a virtual medium kind of way. Folks, that is very interesting to me!


  1. Dear Mi!
    Thanks for your message.
    And welcome in our "virtual house"!! It's true that my dad helps us a lot to love philosophy! And if you could hear him talking all the time about his blog!!

    As I wrote on my blog tonight I am working a lot at the moment, but later I would love to talk a bit more with you.

  2. Lili,

    Thanks for visiting. Good luck with your film!

  3. Hi Mi.
    It's a pleasure to read regularly your blog. I learned a lot about you, your studies, your "philosophy of life", and also about the American Society : the "Obama D'day", the “Black History Month”, the healthcare systems and so on...
    Let’s me tell you I was particularly moved by your memories about "Birdie Num Num", when you were a child.
    Thanks a lot for your recent comment.