Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wanted: A handbag without any lead (Pb)

I need to buy a new work handbag. My old faux leather handbag is looking embarassingly old that, these days, I even try to hide it from the sight of others. Mind you it has only been used for less than two years. The last time I needed a new handbag, I could not decide on which brand and style to choose. I searched and searched without finding any to satisfy my classic taste until I finally received one as a gift. Strange, isn't it?

This time, as I was taking my sweet little time to shop around for yet another stylish handbag, I heard on ABC World News about the disturbing findings of the Center for Environmental Health. ABC World News reporter, Lisa Fletcher summarized it as follows:
The Center for Environmental Health went to 100 of the nation's top retailers--- including Target, Macy's, Wal-Mart and Kohl's -- and bought purses. The group had the bags tested for lead at an independent lab. Two separate tests were conducted. Some bags were wiped to see how much, if any, lead would simply rub off the material. The bags also were tested for the total lead content of the products. The tests came back showing disturbingly high levels of lead...

Lead (Pb) is a very toxic metal. Even at a very low level, it has some deleterious effects on the nervous system. Knowing this now will only prolong my search... I may have to wait until tough new national lead standards for bags in stores are in place. Until then, I just have to
  1. protect my old one from the sight of others because it is embarassingly old and
  2. minimize any direct physical contact with it because it may have high levels of Pb or
  3. find a leather handbag

Photo: Center for Environmental Health

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