Friday, September 10, 2010

The Handsome Stranger

This song reminds me of a very handsome stranger I met last Spring. I was at the lowest point of this pre-med journey. I was angry at myself for slacking off and for letting the journey overwhelm me. One beautiful late April afternoon, as I was pondering on what I needed to do, I noticed this incredibly handsome man on my way to a spin class. I am too shy, too traditional and too conservative to approach any guy. The most I dare to do is gaze for a second from very, very far. The stranger somehow caught my gaze. I had to hide. For some reason, those quick glances uplifted my mood... Whenever this song comes up, I imagine him... Thank you Mr. incredibly handsome stranger for looking my way...


  1. There's nothing wrong with putting yourself in the way of a guy and giving him the chance to approach you.

  2. Hello Medschoolodyssey,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I will try to remember your advice. But I am afraid old habits are hard to die.