Friday, January 2, 2009

When is Time to let go of a dream?

I am thirty-something. I am a single female. I have an advanced degree. The next obvious step would be to settle. That means find a husband and a well-paying job. No! Not if Fate has anything to do with it. There is a very stubborn inner voice that will not convince me to let go of a life-long dream of going to Medical School. That inner voice is remarkably loud and, at times, keeps me awake. Not long ago, I found a helpful website. Click here.


  1. You gotta do what makes you happy and follow through with what drives/calls you. You might be surprised by the number of thirty-somethings in medical school who felt just as you do. (At least I was when I started medical school 8 years ago).

    Good luck with the application process! You'll be an awesome doctor!

  2. Wow! You are the first to comment. Thanks mudphudder!